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Let's go over what needs to be determined, checked, or done in order to have a player piano.


Upright or Grand piano? 

There are two options to acquire a player piano. The first is to purchase a new instrument from a piano company that sells player pianos. The alternative option is to purchase any piano, new or used, from anywhere, from anyone, and have me install the QRS player system on it.  With the second option, you can select the piano that meets all of your design, color, size, brand, and budget requirements and expectations. You can convert an acoustic piano into a player piano for less than half the price of a new player piano, but you still get all the benefits. It can be done without lowering the value of the piano, and in fact, it can help the piano keep its worth longer.

You must first decide whether you require an upright or a grand piano. The QRS system includes a solution for both, so it's up to you which one you use. First and foremost, consider the space requirements; possibly the style, design, and volume are all key considerations. While an upright piano can fit into a smaller space, a grand piano takes up more space and naturally sounds louder.


New or a Used one? 

If we want to install the player piano system in a secondhand instrument, we must take extra care. To begin with, it cannot be fitted in all used instruments; it is heavily dependent on the action type, age, condition, and size. Another consideration is the instrument's technical condition, as the QRS system necessitates accurate mechanical operation, and the clarity of the sound is dependent on other factors. So, if you own a used piano and want to install the system in it, please consult with me first!

In the case of a new piano, the size (height, length) of the instrument is the most important factor to consider, because we cannot install a player piano system in a small grand or low upright piano. Even if you are acquiring a new instrument, I will gladly assist you in selecting the best for you.


Where will the installation take place? 

If you purchase a new or used piano from me with the intention of installing a QRS system, I will build the instrument in Europe, Hungary, at my workshop in Budapest, and deliver it fully assembled.
If you already own a piano, I am able to install the system on that as well. Because each instrument represents a unique work, we never know what challenges we will face or what will need to be solved. As a result, it is preferable if the work is completed in my workshop. We can come pick up the piano from your house and bring it to my workshop, and return it when the process is complete.

There are times when the delivery of the instrument is too expensive or problematic for a variety of reasons. In this situation, I may install the system at your home on my mobile service truck. The procedure can be done in a few of days.