About me

I'm Rudolf Zoltner. I am primarily prepared to assist clients in Europe, though I am able to travel to other regions if required.

Piano technician

My grandfather was also a piano technician, but I never got to meet him. I believe I inherited his enthusiasm for the profession. At addition to my basic training, I was able to expand my education at various worldwide factories, including the Renner factory in Germany, the Steingraeber & Shöne factory in Germany, the Baldwin factory in the United States, the Roland factory in Japan, as well as numerous trainings in Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Austria, Germany, and Slovakia. I've been in this line of business since 1993. Oh my goodness, am I that old?

QRS piano player technician

I first encountered self-playing pianos in 2000, when my friend Barnabas Fekete helped me install my first QRS self-playing piano. I've worked with other brands of self-playing systems since then, but I have returned to QRS because, in my opinion, it's the most professional player piano system on the market. 
As a piano technician, concert technician, musician, and woodworker, I am able to perform all of the tasks required for the installation and adjustment of the QRS system. 


I learned to work with wood because I enjoy it so much. If any wooden components on the piano need to be replaced, I will create them. I have hundreds of oldpiano wood components in my warehouse, so it's not a problem for me to use wood from before the turn of the twentieth century.
I also perform exterior restorations, repainting and refinishing of both antique and modern pianos. I am using dyes, wax, oil, schelack, varnish, or lacquer in my work. When necessary, I use polyester or epoxy. Occasionally, a little red wine.  On that day, I didn't drive.

Mobile piano service car

I came up with the idea, made a plan, and then built a mobile piano service car  - that is also a camper - with a car repair company. I can work at the customer's place because I can do almost all of the service work in the truck. It's okay if I can't get the job done in one day. I turn the workshop table into a bed, make a delicious dinner in my tiny kitchen, take a shower, turn on the special heating, and watch a good movie. When I wake up, I sit in the camping chair on the car's deck, make coffee, and plan the day's work while listening to the birds chirp. So, the mobile piano service car is also at your disposal. I hope that there are birds nearby.